• Tools and Gadgets
  • Furnish your outdoor room in style.
  • Bring a little whimsy to your home and garden.
  • Eat local. Grow your own food.
  • Add a little character to your garden.
  • Well-designed products last a lifetime. Just add water.
  • Gadgets and tools you can't find anywhere else.
  • Bring your garden inside.
  • Tools that work beautifully.
  • Let the garden sooth you.
  • Water is music in the garden. Let it play.
  • Bring new life to the garden.

Play in the Dirt

  • Did you know you can layer bulbs one on top of each other for a continuous, long-lasting display? It’s easy and gives great results. This article from Fine Gardening tells you how to do it, but they’ve left out Elizabeth’s favourite trick!

Create Beauty

  • As we get closer to December, it’s time to think about decorating your home for Christmas. We have lots of beautiful items to help you create a festive mood – everything from winter-y table linens to adorable ornaments for your Christmas tree. Come by soon to see what we have.

Shop the Stores

  • At Dig This, we search for locally-made products and we’ll be featuring them in our November 27, 2014 newsletter. But here’s just a sample to whet your appetite.

Over the Fence

The Good Stuff

  • Everyone seems to be talking about Black Friday – that super-hyped shopping frenzy that follows American Thanksgiving.

    But what if people said no: a holiday shouldn’t be all about shopping. It should be about relaxing with friends and family, not rushing out to malls at midnight or struggling through crowds looking for bargains.

    Obviously shopping is something we all have to do – we need to eat, we need to be clothed, we like having nice things and giving gifts to those we love. But what if we saw it as a way to support our neighbours and make our communities stronger. You can do that by shopping at locally-owned business at least part of the time.

Letters from the Garden

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Letters from the Garden