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Play in the Dirt

Create Beauty

  • Small is Beautiful Gnome & Rumex

    This fun little container planting for shade measures only 10 inches in diameter, but it makes me smile every time I see it. It was inspired by a container recommendation in the October 2014 issue of Fine Gardening. Click on the picture to read more …

Shop the Stores

  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Style Princeville Club Chair (533x800)

    Longer evenings and warmer weather mean it’s time to move outdoors. If your garden furniture is looking past its best, maybe you should come to Dig This and check out our beautiful, comfortable, stylish all-weather wicker and brushed aluminium furniture.

Over the Fence

  • Make Pesto! basil2

    This pesto recipe in our latest newsletter was missing one essential ingredient – the olive oil! Our apologies. Here it is with all the ingredients needed.

The Good Stuff

  • What to Think of this Long Hot & Dry Summer sunshine

    I have mixed thoughts about this summer we are having on Vancouver Island. On the one hand, it is lovely to have so many warm and sunny days to be outdoors and my heat-loving tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers and squash are thriving.

    On the other hand, our gardens and forests are parched and stressed from lack of rain. And then there are the forest fires.

    If this is to be the pattern in the years ahead, we will all have to adopt gardening practices that conserve water and nourish the land. The article below from The Guardian on conserving water has some good advice in this regard.

    Beyond that, we need to pay more attention to where our food comes from and do what we can to improve food security and support our local farmers. The Sooke Farm Tour this weekend is one way we can show our support for local farmers, as is buying local produce at markets that are held up and down the Island.

    We live in an amazing place here on the west coast of the continent. It’s up to us to look after it.

    Elizabeth Cull, Franchise President

Letters from the Garden

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