• Tools and Gadgets
  • Furnish your outdoor room in style.
  • Bring a little whimsy to your home and garden.
  • Eat local. Grow your own food.
  • Add a little character to your garden.
  • Well-designed products last a lifetime. Just add water.
  • Gadgets and tools you can't find anywhere else.
  • Bring your garden inside.
  • Tools that work beautifully.
  • Let the garden sooth you.
  • Water is music in the garden. Let it play.
  • Bring new life to the garden.

Play in the Dirt

  • Miniature gardening is a hot trend in gardening these days. You can create whimsical mini gardens in containers, corners of your regular garden and even potholes!

Create Beauty

  • One of the best things about living on Vancouver Island is the ability to enjoy the great outdoors throughout most of the year. Gardens, once limited to growing flowers and vegetables or providing a place for kids to play, are now considered outdoor living rooms.

Shop the Stores

  • Visit one of our stores and take a look at the new 2015 Ratana garden furniture collections. Choose your furniture and your custom fabric and place your order before September 30th, and you’ll save 25% off the regular price while getting exactly what you want next spring! A 50% deposit is required.

Over the Fence

  • Don’t miss the annual Fall Plant Sale at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. Everything is at least 25% off the regular price. Email for the full list of plants available. Saturday & Sunday September 13th & 14th 9 am to 4 pm

    Gardens at HCP, 505 Quayle Road

The Good Stuff

  • Summer is the perfect time for dining al fresco. Any meal outdoors is good, but why not kick it up a notch and organize a splendid garden party?

    Hosting a bright and lively outdoor party doesn’t mean that it has to be extravagant. You want to keep it simple so you can enjoy the party as much as your guests. You don’t need elaborate food or preparations: it’s the little details that turn outside eating into a memorable event.

    Here are our best tips for a successful and memorable garden party.

Letters from the Garden

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