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Play in the Dirt

  • An Indoor Herb Garden herb garden

    Itching to get growing already? There are some things you can seed right now (see this month’s To Do List), but for most vegetables and flowers, we have to wait a little longer. Outdoor temperatures are still too cool, hours of daylight too short and it still might snow.

    But what about gardening inside? Indoor herb gardens provide greenery and fragrance, and are oh so handy to the cook!

Create Beauty

  • Succulents Shine! succulent bowl

    According to Fine Gardening Magazine, “Succulents are the modern designer’s favorite freaks and geeks.” We tend to see them as amazing plants that lend interest to containers and inspire the artist in us. After all, at Dig This we believe we are artists and the garden is our canvas.

Shop the Stores

  • Sign Up for Workshops potmaker

    Dig This is offering workshops this spring on seed starting, container gardening, pruning, hanging baskets and even chocolate. See our latest newsletter for full details. (Click on “Letters from the Garden” below.)

Over the Fence

  • Irises – the best loved perennial Iris

    ” Plant expert Allan Armitage writes: ‘If an award were presented to most popular perennial with too many choices, the bearded iris would be the winner.’ ”

The Good Stuff

  • Bring On Spring snowdrops

    Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’

    ~ Robin Williams

    There’s nothing like spring on southern Vancouver Island. Flowers start popping up before we’ve even had time to put the Christmas decorations away. Eager gardeners come by in early January to see if the 2015 seeds have arrived yet – they have indeed!

    In this month’s newsletter, we’re diving into spring with lots of tips on how to have the best garden ever. Time spent now getting your garden ready will pay off later in the season, and some seeds need to be planted soon to make sure they have a full season to develop.

    So dig out your gardening tools, sharpen those pruners and get ready for spring.

    Elizabeth Cull, Franchise President

Letters from the Garden

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Letters from the Garden