How Do I Sharpen My Pruners

We are often asked:  How do I sharpen my pruners?

We recommend you get your cutting tools sharpened professionally every winter so they are ready for the start of the gardening season early the following year.

If you live near our Broadmead stores you can drop them off there and they’ll send them out for sharpening for you.

Nanaimo and up Island customers can look forward to a similar service from Dig This Nanaimo in 2012.

Victoria and Oak Bay residents can take their pruners to Island Saw & Tool at 2920 Bridge Street.  You can take any cutting tool to them, and they’ll tell you whether it can be sharpened or not.  If it can’t be, there’s no charge.

During the season, there are several styles of sharpeners you can use to keep a good edge on your tools, or to do the job yourself if you wish.  For more information on how to sharpen pruners, check out this short video.