Grow Amaryllis to Brighten the Winter Days

Amaryllis are the super-stars of winter-blooming flowers.  Their huge bulbs produce equally huge showy flowers in colours from pure white through to dark red or orange.  Some are striped and some new varieties have interesting shapes.   Although these bulbs can be forced to grow on stones in water, they do best when planted in soil as you can bring them back to bloom again next year.

Plant them in a pot just a little bit bigger than the bulb, or nestle two or more bulbs in a larger container for a showier display.  Use regular potting soil.  A pot with drainage is best, but if your pot doesn’t have drainage, add some gravel to the bottom before putting the potting soil in, and be careful not to overwater.   Place the planted bulbs in a warm place and they should begin to grow within a week.  Depending on the variety, flowers will appear within 6 to 10 weeks.Blossom Peacock