Want More Food? Grow More Flowers!

We all know that flowers attract bees and other pollinators, so it just makes sense to include flowers in or near your vegetable garden.

Planting flowers that attract bees will help fill the gaps when vegetables are not blooming keeping them fed and happy until your edibles bloom. More bees in your garden means more pollination means more fruits and vegetables!

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Spring Into Action!

Wow! From frost and snow to temperatures in the 20’s – talk about springing into action. At the end of February I was deciding to hold off seeding things I’d normally start indoors under lights, and now four weeks later, I’m having to check my raised vegetable bed regularly to make sure the soil is […]

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April is the month gardener’s wait for – this is the month you can really get planting in earnest. Click on “April” to get the full to-do list for this month.

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Let your Garden Inspire your Holiday Decorating

We’ve just read that one of the key things to inviting happiness and peace into your home is to decorate with plants. We couldn’t agree more. Of course, that goes all year round, but beautiful plants and garden greenery can be a key part of holiday decorating.

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Time to Force Bulbs Indoors

It’s that time of year again – time to force bulbs to bloom indoors. Huge, gorgeous amaryllis bulbs are always popular in the winter months when little else is in bloom. If you pot up bulbs now and place them in a warm place, many will be in bloom at Christmas or shortly thereafter. They make a wonderful gift as they need little care except for occasional watering.

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Let the Garden Inspire You

If you’re like me, you’ve already been thinking about ways to decorate your home for the holiday season. I love pulling out all the family traditions to make my home welcoming over Christmas. But I also like to try different things each year, some of which become family traditions in their own right!

Being a gardener, my ideas always turn to the wonderful materials I can gather for free from my garden to make my home more festive. It can be as simple as cutting evergreen boughs from your garden and pushing them into the soil in planters that are past their best. Add sparkling Christmas balls, mini-lights, ribbons or even a small lantern and you are well on your way.

For more inspiration, take a look at our latest newsletter – or better yet, visit one of our stores which are all decked out to help you have a wonderful, green and garden-y Christmas.

Elizabeth Cull, Franchise President

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Clean your gardening tools. Wash off the soil, dry them, sharpen them, and then apply a light coating of oil. Here’s link to a 49 second video that shows a neat trick for cleaning tools. If you want to learn to clean your own pruners and loppers, watch this video from the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County. I particularly like it because it shows how to use different types of sharpening stones. Click on December above to read more.

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Plant garlic. You’ll find local, organic garlic available for planting at all Victoria area Dig This stores. For the rest of October’s To Do List, click on “October”.

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Time to Plant Spring Bulbs

Sometimes gardening is just so confusing! Want a winter garden? Plant in July. Want tulips and narcissus in spring? Plant in September and October. That’s just how it is: for some garden rewards, you have to plan ahead. So, it’s time to plant spring-flowering bulbs for a colourful display next year. Bulbs flower as early […]

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