Make a Tuteur

This month’s newsletter has a link to an article about building a rustic tuteur from branches, screws, glue and string. Very simple, but very effective … and oh, so pretty.

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Tips for a Great Hanging Basket

Victoria is known for its hanging baskets and your garden or patio can easily be part of this tradition.

To begin you need a wire basket. The bigger the basket the better in this instance, as a bigger basket leads to higher water retention which means less maintenance and greater opportunity for bigger and more vibrant plants. Read more …

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Choosing the Perfect Garden Bench

The style of bench you choose for your garden is partly a matter of personal taste and partly a matter of function. Is its primary purpose a place to relax? Or are you using the bench to create a point of interest in the garden, something to draw people along to explore further? Whatever your objective, here are some tips to help you find the perfect garden bench.

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These Plants Work for You

Did you know that house plants can improve air quality inside your home?

Believe it or not, back in the 1980’s NASA did a study to look at which plants were best able to filter the air of the space station! And if these house plants are good enough for the space station, think of what they can do for your home environment.

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Take Another Look at Roses

I’ll confess: I’ve been guilty of being a rose snob, preferring old roses with pedigree over modern hybrid tea roses.

I love the soft colours of old roses and the interesting shapes of their flowers. Did I mention the perfume? But I certainly don’t love the black spot and powdery mildew. And I sure wish they would bloom longer and more often.

That’s why this article on “new” modern roses caught my attention. Imagine a well-behaved, disease free rose that looked and smelled like an old rose. According to Val Bourne, an award-winning garden writer for the Telegraph, it’s time to take another look at the newest breeds of roses.

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Garden Seating Simplified

It’s June so it’s time to think about spending more time relaxing and entertaining in your garden. A well-designed outdoor seating area expands your home and gives you more options for entertaining outdoors and al fresco dining. Here are some tips from garden designer Darcy Daniels found in a recent newsletter from Fine Gardening.

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The Movable Garden

Looks can be deceiving! This beautiful garden is almost entirely in containers. Container gardening comes to mind when you don’t actually have a garden, but just a patio or balcony. But containers can also be very useful and beautiful in conventional gardens.

Fine Gardening Magazine is one of our favourite sources of inspiration for container gardens, so take a look at this article and see what containers can do for your garden.

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Small is Beautiful

This fun little container planting for shade measures only 10 inches in diameter, but it makes me smile every time I see it. It was inspired by a container recommendation in the October 2014 issue of Fine Gardening. Click on the picture to read more …

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Plant Now for Spring Beauty

For a gorgeous display next spring, plant your bulbs now.

All the Victoria area Dig This stores have a good selection of spring-flowering bulbs, many of which are deer resistant.

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Grow Amaryllis to Brighten the Winter Days

The easiest way to create beauty indoors at this time of year is to force paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs for indoors. It’s so simple to do and nothing is as lovely as growing flowers in the dark days of winter.

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