These Plants Work for You

IMG_0617 (640x640)

Did you know that house plants can improve air quality inside your home?

Believe it or not, back in the 1980’s NASA did a study to look at which plants were best able to filter the air of the space station! And if these house plants are good enough for the space station, think of what they can do for your home environment.

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Take Another Look at Roses

Abraham Darby Rose

I’ll confess: I’ve been guilty of being a rose snob, preferring old roses with pedigree over modern hybrid tea roses.

I love the soft colours of old roses and the interesting shapes of their flowers. Did I mention the perfume? But I certainly don’t love the black spot and powdery mildew. And I sure wish they would bloom longer and more often.

That’s why this article on “new” modern roses caught my attention. Imagine a well-behaved, disease free rose that looked and smelled like an old rose. According to Val Bourne, an award-winning garden writer for the Telegraph, it’s time to take another look at the newest breeds of roses.

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Garden Seating Simplified

Mirror Window

It’s June so it’s time to think about spending more time relaxing and entertaining in your garden. A well-designed outdoor seating area expands your home and gives you more options for entertaining outdoors and al fresco dining. Here are some tips from garden designer Darcy Daniels found in a recent newsletter from Fine Gardening.

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The Movable Garden

Fine Gardening Moveable Garden

Looks can be deceiving! This beautiful garden is almost entirely in containers. Container gardening comes to mind when you don’t actually have a garden, but just a patio or balcony. But containers can also be very useful and beautiful in conventional gardens.

Fine Gardening Magazine is one of our favourite sources of inspiration for container gardens, so take a look at this article and see what containers can do for your garden.

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Gardening for the Little Folk

IMG_20151202_151204 (480x640)

In case you hadn’t noticed, fairy gardens are all the rage right now and not just for children. Many gardeners are enjoying stretching their imagination by creating tiny gardens for fairies. Fairy doors, small scale furniture and tools, and of course, tiny fairies, can be placed in a spot in your garden for all to  enjoy. Some brave souls even put their fairy gardens out on the boulevard for all to see. I’m sure it’s bad karma to disturb a fairy garden.

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Get Into The Holiday Mood

Jody picture (800x675)

We’re really excited about the new items we’ve found for you this year – like the amazing battery-operated mini lights shown in the lantern to the left.

Every Dig This store has something different, but in all the stores you’ll find lanterns, lights, pine-scented soaps & candles, table linens & decor, and much much more.

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Set the Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Table

We’d like to help you make your table festive for this holiday weekend. Drop by our stores to see our lovely selection of fall-inspired table linens, decor, candle-holders and more!

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Small is Beautiful

Gnome & Rumex

This fun little container planting for shade measures only 10 inches in diameter, but it makes me smile every time I see it. It was inspired by a container recommendation in the October 2014 issue of Fine Gardening. Click on the picture to read more …

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Succulents Shine!

succulent bowl

According to Fine Gardening Magazine, “Succulents are the modern designer’s favorite freaks and geeks.” We tend to see them as amazing plants that lend interest to containers and inspire the artist in us. After all, at Dig This we believe we are artists and the garden is our canvas.

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All You Need Is Love

Cedar Mountain Love

If you love a gardener and want to let him or her know it, we have you covered.

Tell a gardener you love her with pretty sweet pea seeds, or exotic smelling soaps, or a witty garden saying.

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