Make a Tuteur

This month’s newsletter has a link to an article about building a rustic tuteur from branches, screws, glue and string. Very simple, but very effective … and oh, so pretty.

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Let your Garden Inspire your Holiday Decorating

We’ve just read that one of the key things to inviting happiness and peace into your home is to decorate with plants. We couldn’t agree more. Of course, that goes all year round, but beautiful plants and garden greenery can be a key part of holiday decorating.

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Take It Outside!

Whether it’s a casual picnic, your personal version of Dîner en Blanc, or a sandwich and cool drink in your Adirondack chair, dining outside is one of the pleasures of summer.

Somehow food eaten outdoors just tastes better, but if you want to crank your experience up a notch try these ideas. . .

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Garden Inspiration

This looks like a real balcony where anyone would love to hang out on a fine summer day. But it’s actually one of the demonstration gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle held every February. Now that I’m gardening on a small deck, you can be sure I took lots of photos to inspire me.

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A gardener’s visit to New York wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon walking the High Line, a public park on Manhattan’s West Side built around a defunct elevated railway.

Designed by Dutch planting designer, Piet Oudolf, this elevated garden is a dynamic and inspired 3-mile-long transformation of what otherwise is just a ugly urban relic.

According to one of our favourite blogs, Gardenista, here’s what we can learn from the High Line to apply in our own gardens. Read more 

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Tips for a Great Hanging Basket

Victoria is known for its hanging baskets and your garden or patio can easily be part of this tradition.

To begin you need a wire basket. The bigger the basket the better in this instance, as a bigger basket leads to higher water retention which means less maintenance and greater opportunity for bigger and more vibrant plants. Read more …

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Choosing the Perfect Garden Bench

The style of bench you choose for your garden is partly a matter of personal taste and partly a matter of function. Is its primary purpose a place to relax? Or are you using the bench to create a point of interest in the garden, something to draw people along to explore further? Whatever your objective, here are some tips to help you find the perfect garden bench.

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These Plants Work for You

Did you know that house plants can improve air quality inside your home?

Believe it or not, back in the 1980’s NASA did a study to look at which plants were best able to filter the air of the space station! And if these house plants are good enough for the space station, think of what they can do for your home environment.

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Take Another Look at Roses

I’ll confess: I’ve been guilty of being a rose snob, preferring old roses with pedigree over modern hybrid tea roses.

I love the soft colours of old roses and the interesting shapes of their flowers. Did I mention the perfume? But I certainly don’t love the black spot and powdery mildew. And I sure wish they would bloom longer and more often.

That’s why this article on “new” modern roses caught my attention. Imagine a well-behaved, disease free rose that looked and smelled like an old rose. According to Val Bourne, an award-winning garden writer for the Telegraph, it’s time to take another look at the newest breeds of roses.

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