Gardening in a Changing Climate

As gardeners, it’s hard not to notice our changing climate. Cooler, wetter springs and drier, hotter summers. We will need to adapt what and how we grow but we also need to do everything we can to slow climate change and mitigate its negative impacts. We’re not powerless: we can act. We can conserve water, stop using gas-powered tools, protect biodiversity through native species, use organic fertilizers and adapt by growing plants more suitable to our changing climate.

It’s easy to say “the small things I do won’t change the world”, but in fact they will if enough of us take heart, get serious, change our behaviour and demand our governments act now.

Elizabeth Cull, Franchise President

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Tips for the Lazy Gardener

  At a flea market earlier this spring, I picked up a little book called Proven Tips for Lazy Gardeners by Linda Tilgner. Perfect, I thought, much as I love gardening, summer weather makes you think more of lounging under a shady tree than weeding. So here are some of the tips I’ve gleaned – […]

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Life is Simple: Eat, Sleep, Garden.

You can almost hear the blossoms popping open as you step outside in the morning. Seedlings are bursting into life in my greenhouse and I’m slowly working my way through my gardening “to do” list.  Everything is so lush and gorgeous right now, it’s no surprise that that my life seems to be reduced to eat, […]

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How Green is Your Garden?

After ten years in the gardening business, I’ve noticed a huge change: People want to eat local and shop local as much as possible. It started with the resurgence of the environmental movement and got a boost from the concept of the One Hundred Mile Diet. This movement presents both an opportunity and a challenge […]

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How to Grow Potatoes

Here on the coast, potatoes are generally planted in April. Buy them early and store in a dark, dry place to encourage the eyes to sprout before planting. If they have not sprouted when you’re ready to plant, move them to a warmer place for a few days.

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