Garlic Bulbs

Now is the time to plant garlic. If you’ve never grown your own garlic, trust us – it’s so easy. And home-grown garlic tastes so good, you’ll never want to settle for grocery store garlic again.You’ll find locally-grown garlic at all Dig This stores.

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Re-Usable Wasp Traps

Mid-summer + eating outside = wasps! Trap them with this effective new trap that uses pheromones to attract the insects into the reusable bag. Available now at Dig This Sidney, and soon at all stores.

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Acacia Wood Bench

This smart looking acacia wood bench is attracting a lot of attention in our stores this spring. Acacia is a sustainable tropical hardwood that is increasingly being used to replace unsustainable teak.

If you’re looking for a bench that is strong and durable, come have a look at these beautiful benches.

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Ergonomic Hand Tools

As the gardening season gets underway, why not invest in some ergonomic hand tools to make the job easier. We love these Radius brand tools because they are light and keep your wrist in alignment to protect it from strain.

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Seed Starting Equipment

It’s February and it will soon be time to start seeds for the 2017 season. At Dig This, we have heat mats, germination stations, starter mix, soil test kits, grow lights and everything necessary to get seedlings off to the best start.

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Beautiful Amaryllis

Amaryllis is one of the most beautiful indoor flowering bulbs. It comes in a stunning selection of colours from pure white, deep red, orange, stripes and even green. It’s so easy to grow that you can even purchase waxed bulbs, like those shown here, and they will bloom without soil or water!

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Adorable Quail Family

We just love these beautifully made concrete quails. Made in Kelowna, BC, they’d be the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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Seed Starting Essentials

Avoid leggy seeds and poor germination with these seed starting essentials. To get your seeds off to the best start you need a light source and for many seeds, bottom heat. We have a good selection of grow lights and stands to hold them. The “Nanodome” mini greenhouse is a great all-in-one set up to start seeds: seed flat, high dome and grow light that fits on top of the dome.


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How to Use Liquid Fertilizers

Nitrogen – the first number in the three numbers on any fertilizer – encourages more growth. Higher levels of nitrogen produced larger plants. This is great for leafy greens.

However, some plants initially did better without any fertilizer. Tomato plants that were not fertilized produced fruit earlier and in greater number. Not really surprising as unfertilized plants devote all their attention to reproduction – producing fruit and seed – instead of growing more leaves. However, by the end of the growing season, fertilized tomato plants out-performed the unfertilized ones.

Another surprising result was that higher doses of phosphorus – the second number in the three on any fertilizer – didn’t necessarily produce more fruits and flowers – although that is what phosphorus is supposed to do. The study concluded that plants can only use so much phosphorus and excess amounts just go to waste and may contribute to water pollution.

Salt buildup in the soil can be an issue with liquid fertilizers. Another reason not to overdo it. Don’t add fertilizer with every watering or if you do, cut the amount of fertilizer in half.

Bottom line? Using fertilizers provides better results than not using them. Don’t overdo it: read the label and perhaps use less than recommended. When in doubt, do a soil test so you know what your plants really need.

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