Tool Bag + Seat: Neat!

We love this combination tool bag and folding seat. The chair  has a lightweight steel frame plus 21 pockets for different-sized tools, and a large catch-all interior.

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How to Use Liquid Fertilizers

Nitrogen – the first number in the three numbers on any fertilizer – encourages more growth. Higher levels of nitrogen produced larger plants. This is great for leafy greens.

However, some plants initially did better without any fertilizer. Tomato plants that were not fertilized produced fruit earlier and in greater number. Not really surprising as unfertilized plants devote all their attention to reproduction – producing fruit and seed – instead of growing more leaves. However, by the end of the growing season, fertilized tomato plants out-performed the unfertilized ones.

Another surprising result was that higher doses of phosphorus – the second number in the three on any fertilizer – didn’t necessarily produce more fruits and flowers – although that is what phosphorus is supposed to do. The study concluded that plants can only use so much phosphorus and excess amounts just go to waste and may contribute to water pollution.

Salt buildup in the soil can be an issue with liquid fertilizers. Another reason not to overdo it. Don’t add fertilizer with every watering or if you do, cut the amount of fertilizer in half.

Bottom line? Using fertilizers provides better results than not using them. Don’t overdo it: read the label and perhaps use less than recommended. When in doubt, do a soil test so you know what your plants really need.

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Sloggers Gardening Clogs

Gardening clogs are essential if you are running in and out of the house during the day while looking after gardening chores.

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Grow Amaryllis to Brighten the Winter Days

The easiest way to create beauty indoors at this time of year is to force paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs for indoors. It’s so simple to do and nothing is as lovely as growing flowers in the dark days of winter.

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Multi-Blade Herb Scissors

Once you’ve tried these multi-blade herb scissors you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of them sooner. The scissors make it so easy to quickly chop herbs like parsley, basil or green onions.

This is our Advent Calendar Feature for December 2nd. Today you can save 15% on this great gift for those who love to cook with fresh herbs.

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Now Here’s a Smarter Candle!

If you haven’t seen these battery-operated candles, you have to – they are so realistic, you won’t believe they aren’t real flames. The candles are made from real wax and they have a patented faux flame that will fool you. Better yet, they run on a 24-hour timer, so you turn them on once, and they will shut off after 5 hours, and then turn back on again the next day. So simple and so safe.

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Terra Mater – Earth Goddess

This new piece from Cast Art Studios is just stunning.  Measuring 48″w x 25″d x 18″h, this large piece is a statement in your garden.                                 I love it because it is reminiscent of the statue below, found in a lovely […]

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Bondi Beach Collection

The Bondi Beach collection comes in both a light and dark colour.  The larger diameter, round wicker has the feel of the tropics.  This collection includes the full array of seating and dining options, plus loungers.  To view the full Bondi Beach collection, click here.

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