Fun Hummingbird Facts

Fun Hummingbird Facts:

The hummingbird’s tongue is twice the length of its beak (that’s how they reach the nectar in our feeders — just like they do in flowers!)

The hummingbird has the largest brain among birds proportionate to its size-making up 4.2% of its body weight.

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Rufous Hummingbirds are Returning

This month, the migratory Rufous return, joining our resident Anna’s hummingbirds. Let the air show begin!

Rufous Hummingbirds will fight each other and the Anna’s for possession of a feeder. If you see this behavior don’t get too upset about it, it is just their nature. Sometimes two or three of them will set up a rotational feeding schedule but rarely will you see two or more of them on the feeder at the same time.

The antique bottle feeder shown here is a favourite with Dig This customers and local hummingbirds!

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