Go Green: Go Solar!

At Dig This, we’re crazy for everything solar.

It’s not just that solar lights are environmentally friendly. We love the magic they create in the garden after dark.

We have lots of amazing solar lights to choose from.

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Solar Tea Lantern

Catching the sun’s rays by day, this latest addition to our terrific selection of solar garden lights casts a warm romantic glow from within after dark. The sweet, new Solar Tea Lantern is a  hand-blown glass lantern embedded with a combination of luminescence and white glass. Unlike other solar lights, this lantern utilizes a “warm […]

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Soji Solar Lanterns are Fun

Soji Solar Lanterns add an element of fun to the garden at night.  They come in bright colours, and because they are solar-powered, there’s no electrical cords to fuss with.  Simply hang the lantern in the sunshine during the day, and at night it will glow!

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