The Hori Hori

Hori Hori

The Hori Hori is one of our favourite gardening tools. It’s a gardening knife with either a stainless steel or carbon steel blade that is so useful in the garden. It’s a weeder, harvester and even a transplanter.

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The Cape Cod Weeder

20141210_164958_resized (521x640)

The Cape Cod Weeder is one of the best weeding tools we sell. It is especially good for getting into crevices between bricks and paving stones, and its unique hooked blade gets right under the roots of weeds to pull them out with ease.

Save 15% on this great tool as part of our Advent Calendar Feature for December 11th.

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Sloggers Gardening Clogs


Gardening clogs are essential if you are running in and out of the house during the day while looking after gardening chores.

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Multi-Blade Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors

Once you’ve tried these multi-blade herb scissors you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of them sooner. The scissors make it so easy to quickly chop herbs like parsley, basil or green onions.

This is our Advent Calendar Feature for December 2nd. Today you can save 15% on this great gift for those who love to cook with fresh herbs.

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Haws Watering Cans: Function is the Best Designer


There are some things you just have to own. A Victorinox knife. Felco secateurs. Zeiss binoculars. An Aston Martin. OK then, not an Aston Martin; let’s keep it real. But the principle’s the same. When something looks the way it does because it performs perfectly, it always looks right. Function is the best designer. Haws […]

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The Bandit


The Bandit is one of the best weeders we sell.  The thin metal blade slices through the soil and cuts through weeds with ease.  The curved blade keeps away from plant roots making this a great weeder to use in raised beds, containers and other tight spots.  Made in British Columbia!

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Ken Ho


A terrific multi-purpose tool with a sharp edge that weeds, digs furrows and removes moss from paving.

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Eventually, Every Gardener Wants a Felco Pruner

Felco in hand

Why?  Because they are the best and poorly made pruners are just too frustrating to own.  Hold a Felco pruner in your hand and you’ll immediately see and feel the difference. The tight, solid feel. The smooth, silky action.  Not to mention awesome cutting power and precision. Once you’ve tried a Felco pruner there is […]

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