Definitely Not a Wallflower!


wallflower redThese stunning wall-mounted planters are absolutely unique.

Measuring 12 inches square, a variety of tropical plants are planted into a self-watering reservoir.  The frames come in a variety of colours including natural-looking bamboo and rustic wood, vibrant colours like red, orange and green, and black and white.

Invented by two professors in horticulture at the University of Montpellier, and inspired by Patrick Blanc’s vertical gardening trend in France, the Wallflower is a totally unique way to display tropical plants indoors.

A system of cotton wicks inside a pouch filled with soil coupled with a watertight plastic container  ensures the plants stay well-watered and healthy.  A water level lets you know when to add water.  If you get tired of the arrangement of plants, you can easily change the contents of the pouch at any time. Available in a wide variety of materials, finishes and colours to suit all interiors.  Can be hung on the wall, or placed on a tabletop or desk.  Also available unplanted.