Fun Hummingbird Facts

Fun HummingbirdRufous HB Facts:

The hummingbird’s tongue is twice the length of its beak (that’s how they reach the nectar in our feeders — just like they do in flowers!)

The hummingbird has the largest brain among birds proportionate to its size-making up 4.2% of its body weight.

Did you know that the Rufous hummingbird is the earliest migratory hummingbird to leave Mexico?  It appears in early February in the Southwestern states and makes its way to the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska for breeding by mid-May. We are now starting to see them begin their fall migration down the Pacific Coast on their way back to Mexico for the winter.

That also makes them one of the farthest travelling hummingbirds. They make their way back down from Alaska, some all the way to southern Mexico. However, many Rufous birds wander from their paths and can be seen in parts of the eastern US. This makes them the hummingbird with the widest distribution as well.

Coppery-red backs (rufous is a Latin word meaning reddish, reddish-brown, rusty) with a fiery red/orange gorget on the male, makes the Rufous hummingbird easy to identify

They are the bullies of the hummingbird world, as fiery as their red-orange throat and copper back. They defend their feeding territories with full force and will chase every other species in every direction when they arrive.  You know when they arrive!