garlic for WWLNNow is the time to plant garlic. If you’ve never grown your own garlic, trust us – it’s so easy. And home-grown garlic tastes so good, you’ll never want to settle for grocery store garlic again.

You’ll find locally-grown garlic at all Dig This stores. Simply separate the cloves and plant them 2-4 inches deep pointy end up. Space the cloves 4-6 inches apart. It’s best to add a little bulb food or bone meal to the soil before planting to ensure the roots develop well over the winter. Water them well when planting and after that the winter rains should take care of them till next spring.

In early February, you’ll see the shoots poke through the ground. Keep the garlic well watered throughout the spring and fertilize occasionally with an all-purpose organic plant food.

Scapes – the curlicue flower tops – will appear in June. Cut these off to send all the growing effort into the bulb and use them for stir fries and to make garlic pesto.

In early July, when 2/3 of the leaves are turning brown, it’s time to harvest!