Franchise Info

As British Columbia’s leading gardening and outdoor living store, Dig This is interested in expanding our team with dedicated franchise owners in new locations. If you are interested in owning and operating an exciting business dedicated to gardening and outdoor living, read on.

Who We Are

Dig This is about great products and excellent customer service. Dig This provides its customers with an extensive selection of quality garden-related merchandise. We search far and wide to find unique products that we are confident will meet our customers’ needs. Our buying strategy is to look for quality, service and beauty at a reasonable price. The selection and quality of our goods is more important than low price.

Dig This provides consistent, excellent customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Our staff goes the extra mile to make sure customers leave Dig This having had a positive buying experience. We are problem-solvers who enjoy helping people get the most out of their gardens.

Dig This stores are designed and maintained to create a beautiful, peaceful shopping environment. Great attention is paid to displays and merchandising to ensure that each store, while reflecting its community, maintains the “Dig This” look.

Dig This owners are leaders in their communities. They support local gardening initiatives and take part in appropriate community events. Dig This owners treat their staff and customers with respect. They invest in their staff and aim to create a work environment that is safe, supportive, stimulating and fun.

What Does Dig This Expect from a Franchisee?

You will be a full-time owner-operator.
You are energetic, fit and hard-working.
You are honest with customers, employees and the franchise.
You are a life-long learner, open to learning new concepts and ideas.
You have business or management or leadership experience.
You are financially sound and have sufficient resources to start the Dig This franchise.

What Does Dig This Provide to a Franchisee?

A proven system for operating a gardening retail store.
Branded materials: staff clothing, store signs, wrap and pack materials, logos, etc.
Guidance on the opening inventory and on-going inventory support.
Group purchasing power.
Assistance with locating, designing and fixturing a store.
A Point-of-Sale system that links stores on inventory, pricing, purchase orders, etc.
Training in Dig This systems: inventory and receiving, sales strategies, accounting, hiring and staff training, merchandising and display.
Group advertising.
Systems to manage your business (accounting, budgeting, etc.).
On-going staff training.

Common Questions

What is the approximate investment required?

$150,000 to $180,000 depending on the size and location of the store. This includes the one-time franchise fee.

What is the one-time franchise fee?


What is the monthly royalty?

2.5% of gross revenue (the royalty), plus 1% for advertising.  Effective January 1, 2015, the royalty portion of the fee will increase to 3.0%.

What training is provided?

Franchisees get one week training at Dig This headquarters. One day on-site employee training workshop for initial staff, plus on-going training at various locations.

Can I choose what products I sell in my franchise?

Yes and no. Dig This expects all franchises to carry certain “stock” items. However, we appreciate markets differ and each owner can tailor the stock to meet their customers’ needs. Franchisees cannot carry product that does not reflect the brand – i.e. poor quality merchandise or items not related to gardening.

Where do I buy my products?

Dig This will give you a list of approved suppliers and a list of required and recommended inventory items. You can buy many of these products directly from the approved suppliers. From time to time, Dig This will make group purchases on behalf of all franchisees and sell these products to you as needed.

Am I expected to work in the store myself?


What help will I get in opening the store?

Besides helping you order your initial inventory and training you in Dig This systems, we will assist you to locate an appropriate retail space in your franchise area, design the store interior and the necessary fixtures, do the initial merchandising, and plan the store opening event.

What on-going support can I expect?

Inventory: annual buying plans, trade show attendance, new product sourcing, inventory sharing, inventory control, group buying
Business Analysis: systems to track your business success
Merchandising: merchandising training and expertise as needed
Training: regular training for sales staff and leadership training for management and owners
Policy and Operating Procedures: operating manuals, policy manuals
Customer Service: inter-store transfers, electronic newsletter, website

Is a Dig This Franchise Right for Me?

Aptitude for a Franchisee

I am a self-starter.
I like to be my own boss.
I thrive on achieving results.
I am happy to work long hours to build a business I own.
Helping a customer find the right solution gives me satisfaction.
I am great at coaching and managing people.
I am very open to being coached in my business.
I want to work in my franchise as an owner/operator.
I am used to setting and achieving my own goals.
I believe it is better to pay more for quality than to search for the lowest price.
I am healthy and not afraid of hard work.
When something needs doing or fixing, I roll up my sleeves and get to work.

If you agree with most of these questions, we’d like to talk to you about franchise opportunities. Other skills that will contribute to your success as a Dig This franchisee are:

Visual merchandising skills
Interior decorating skills
Extensive gardening experience or horticultural training
Experience running your own business
Management experience
Accounting and/or bookkeeping experience
Strategic planning experience
Training skills
Leadership training or experience