Let your Garden Inspire your Holiday Decorating

We’ve just read that one of the key things to inviting happiness and peace into your home is to decorate with plants. We couldn’t agree more. Of course, that goes all year round, but beautiful plants and garden greenery can be a key part of holiday decorating.

You can start right outside the front door with a beautiful wreath and carry the idea into every room in your home. Plants like amaryllis and poinsettias are traditional for Christmas, but there are other equally appealing plants that can contribute to the holiday feeling: the lovely lime-green cupressus trees add a pop of lively colour, especially if 3 or more are massed on a mantle or table and the pretty little gaultheria makes a wonderful low display without taking up much room.

If you have larger plants already, try adding mini-string lights to them – they’ll look like they’re all dressed up for a party. Plants inside the home clean the air, add oxygen and generally make us feel happier. Let them work for you during the holidays.