Spring Into Action!

Wow! From frost and snow to temperatures in the 20’s – talk about springing into action.

At the end of February I was deciding to hold off seeding things I’d normally start indoors under lights, and now four weeks later, I’m having to check my raised vegetable bed regularly to make sure the soil is moist enough to encourage germination. It’s obvious we’re all going to have to adapt and reconsider what has worked for us in the past.

The good news is this: when the weather is ready, so are the plants. Rather than religously following the planting guides, take a moment to consider the weather. What are the night time temperatures? Are they warm enough that anything I plant out will survive? Have I hardened off my seedlings? Is the soil warm enough for germination?

Most seed packages and gardening guides provide the information you need – such as don’t plant until night-time temperatures are 10 degrees, or wait until the soil temperature is …

As with everything gardening, common sense and judgement are as important as rules in garden books. And if a sudden cold spell kills off some starts, well that’s just a good reason to try again.

Elizabeth Cull, Franchise President