Time to Plant Spring Bulbs

Sometimes gardening is just so confusing! Want a winter garden? Plant in July. Want tulips and narcissus in spring? Plant in September and October. That’s just how it is: for some garden rewards, you have to plan ahead.

So, it’s time to plant spring-flowering bulbs for a colourful display next year. Bulbs flower as early as late December and keep performing into June if you select a variety of early, mid and late spring bulbs. With a little bit of planning, you can keep the show going until early summer.

To do this, select bulbs that bloom at different times of the spring. The packages are all marked “early” or “mid” or “late” spring blooming. By choosing a variety  you get a longer display of flowers.

One way to do this is to layer the bulbs in a container or a garden bed. Plant the last-to-flower bulbs deepest, and then plant mid-spring flowering bulbs on top. You can plant early spring bulbs on top of those as well. Don’t worry about planting bulbs on top of each other – they’ll sort it out when they are ready to grow!